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A Non Profit-making Organisation Devoted To The Interests Of The Gloucestershire Parish Of South Cerney And Cerney Wick


Devoted to the interests of
South Cerney and Cerney Wick

Silver Street

The South Cerney Trust encourages interest in the history, character and environment of the parish of South Cerney and Cerney Wick in Gloucestershire, just outside Cirencester. It has been doing this for 60 years making it almost unique among village organisations.

Founded in 1963, the Trust was the brainchild of Alice Mary and Charles Hadfield. Both were published authors and historians - Alice Mary(1908-1989) as a biographer and children's writer and Charles (1909-1996) as the foremost authority on the history of the English canal system.

All Hallows Church

Today the Trust actively works to deliver the Hadfields' vision for South Cerney and Cerney Wick as pleasurable and interesting places for all who live in them. An elected committee meets regularly to organise activities, including twice-yearly talks for members, and keeps a watching eye on all aspects of village development, from planning applications to footpath access.

The Trust is an active publisher of books on past life in South Cerney, the best known researched and written by historian and past Trust chairman Professor Michael Oakeshott.

But the Trust is not just about times gone by. As South Cerney grows, the Trust seeks to support all aspects of community life so that this continues to be enjoyable for everyone.

Dip into our website for a fuller picture, to become a member or to see how you can get involved.